About Us

Our Mission

We thought it would be nice if there were a brand that cuts through the hype and offered a well-designed product with quality materials and at an accessible price point. It’s pretty basic, really.

We’re committed to and obsessed with creating the best blanks in the market. We believe comfort equals confidence and that’s why we balance the most comfortable fabrics with forward-thinking design to deliver you the best of both worlds. 

Quality Unmatched Anywhere.

Whether you are looking for a small run or a 10,000 piece bulk order for your company, Sprystars is the definitive option when quality is paramount.


Our blanks are made from high-quality ring spun and combed cotton and are engineered for supreme printability.

The process of making better blanks, in a better way, is a long one, and we're just getting started.

Same day shipping.

All orders placed before 12 pm will be delivered the same day.

Best Quality

At Sprystars we believe quality is the king. We are a perfect match for quality and price.

Top notch Customer Service. 

Have a question? Feel free to contact us and get answers.